HackSB is a 12-hour hackathon for high-school students hosted at the South Brunswick Public Library.



Participants must be high school students and may compete as individuals or teams of up to 4 people declared at the event


Submit wither a .zip file with your project or a link to its GitHub repository. If any parts of your project are hosted online, provide links to those as well.

Hackathon Sponsors


$3,960 in prizes

Best Overall (4)

4x Google Home Mini

Best API Utilization (4)


Future Startup (4)

4x QI Wireless Charger Desk Lamp with USB

Best Game (4)

2x Gaming Mouse Pads
2x Bluetooth Speaker

Best UI/Aesthetic Appeal (4)

4x Sketch License - Sketch is a program for Macs used to design UI's for software.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ryan Lovvorn

Ryan Lovvorn
Cybersecurity, AT&T

Billy Lynch

Billy Lynch
Software Engineer, Google

Kevin Ruppel

Kevin Ruppel
Information Services Librarian, SBPL

Archana Udupa

Archana Udupa
Center Director, Code Ninjas

Judging Criteria

  • Best Design
    Hacks that put major emphasis on design. They look clean, but not overly simplistic, and their UI's are elegant and easy for users to operate. This category generally applies to hacks whose main component is visual rather than functional .
  • Best Use of an API
    Hacks that use an API creatively to solve a problem or synthesize multiple API's in an original manner. Simply returning the output of an API won't work.
  • Future Startup
    Hacks that solve a real world problem. These are first prototypes of software that could potentially become a real product. These hacks must be practical for consumers to use, and there must be demand for a solution to the problem they fix.
  • Best Game
    Hacks that are games. These games have unique mechanics, gameplay, or plot concept/theme. Furthermore, they must be a well-designed and enjoyable experience for the player.
  • Best Overall
    The hack that shows the best combination of excellent technical skill and brilliant imagination.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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